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Mycoprotein is a revolutionary protein source derived from the fermentation of fungi. It offers a versatile, nutrient-rich, and eco-friendly alternative for a wide range of food products.

Mycelium is the network of fine, thread-like structures produced by fungi, serving as the foundation for mycoprotein production. It’s the vital element responsible for creating this sustainable protein source.



Seaweed, sourced from the pristine Norwegian fjords, plays a crucial role in our process. It serves as the natural food for the fungi during fermentation, allowing us to harness the power of renewable marine resources.

With their sophisticated scientific approach, Moreshrooms is on its way to be the change actor our food system needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a sustainable protein source derived from fungi. It benefits food product producers by offering a versatile, eco-friendly, and nutrient-rich ingredient to enhance your product offerings. Its neutral taste, full amino acid profile, and natural qualities can simplify ingredient lists in your products.

Integrating our protein into your food products is straightforward; it can be used in various products such as alternative seafood, burger patties, and any other alternative meat products.

Utilising Moreshrooms in your food products contributes to a lower environmental footprint, conserving land and resources while reducing biodiversity loss. Additionally, its natural qualities can reduce the need for complex additives in your formulations.

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